Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 47 – Disneyland!

Really early start today to take the train to Disneyland! So excited!! The morning however, didn’t get off to a great start – Reina & Kevin took the train in the wrong direction, and the bus we were meant to meet was very late, so we were freezing by the time it arrived! But all our complaints disappeared the minute we had our tickets in hand.

There was a surprising amount of people for such a cold day, I really would hate to be there in summer. Most of the rides had around a 45 minute wait, so I cant imagine what it would be like in peak season.

We started with a quick stop in one of the stores to buy Minnie Mouse ears, before heading towards Frontierland for our first ride – the haunted house (really not at all scary!) Following this we took on the first roller coaster of the day – Big Thunder Mountain. So much fun! Nothing like an adrenalin rush to keep you warm!

After this we grabbed a quick lunch of hot dogs and chips, before taking on yet another roller coaster – Indiana Jones. Even better than last time, this one went upside down. We then went to Fantasyland (no rides for us here, but lots of pics) before bumping into a parade on the main street where we got photos with Minnie Mouse and Eeyore.

Next stop – Discoveryland and the best ride of the day – Space Mountain. Another roller coaster, this time indoors, hurtling through ‘space’. I had front row and loved it. We stopped for a quick coffee before heading out for the Once Upon a Dream Parade. It was freezing waiting for the parade to start, but so worth it. Makes you feel like a little kid again.


The ride I had been waiting for all day was the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, which is in the second park. Unfortunately, when we got there it was a 60 minute wait and we were quickly running out of time. I remember this one from Anaheim though, so don’t feel too bad about missing it.

Had dinner in the village at the Rainforest Café after some more shopping at the Disney store. We flew back to meet the bus, only to find out the bus driver was still in his hotel! Not too long to wait, but we went to McDonalds to stay warm.

Finally got on the bus for a painfully long and uncomfortable journey home, arrived back in Vichy around 3 am. A very long day but it was so much fun. Felt like a little kid again!! Would have loved to have spent more time there though, so much to do and see.

Back to school this week – just two weeks left!


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