Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 61 – Last day in Paris!

We are only going to talk about the good, not the fact that I’m leaving tomorrow.

Started again this morning with a buffet breakfast – croissants and fruits and yoghurt, before meeting up with a tour group for a tour of the Latin Quarter.

It was a chilly start but the clouds broke and SUNSHINE for the entire day! I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

We started at Notre Dame, before exploring the Latin Quarter, including the famous bookshop – Shakespeare & Co., many many different churches, the museum of the Middle Age, Sorbonne University (very old, very famous, I’d suggest prestigious too), Pantheon and Ernest Hemingway’s house.

For lunch I stopped at a TINY café on the Île St Louis before grabbing an ice-cream from Berthillion, famous and now I know why, the best ice cream I’ve EVER had. Took my ice cream to the streets to enjoy the sunshine.

Had some time to kill so back to the Eiffel Tower for some pretty pictures in the sun. Surprisingly short queues for such a beautiful day! Had another tour in the afternoon, this time of the Marais, so went back to meet them. This time we explored places such as St Eustace Church, Les Halles, Centre Pompidou, the Jewish District, Place des Vosges and finally the former site of the Bastille. So much history!

Dinner tonight near the Bastille. Couldn’t leave France without trying escargot and I must say, it’s not that bad! All you can really taste is butter and garlic…

Home to back up before leaving tomorrow. Can’t believe it’s over already. Which also makes this my last post! Au revoir France!

Until Melbourne!

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