Sunday, January 16, 2011

Days 48 – 59 – Last weeks in Vichy!

So after returning from Disneyland there’s not a whole lot to report. Back to study with new teachers (some good, some not so much). Unfortunately I fell ill and it knocked me out for most of the week.

For the final week in Vichy there really is only one word – soldes! Soldes are the French sales. They only have them twice per year, summer and winter, and pretty much everything gets marked down. So what did Reina and I do? Shop!!

For my final night Reina and I went out for dinner to Josephines. Original plan was the casino but it was closed!! Lovely evening.

Friday was my final class and Danielle made me an oreo cheesecake! Divine! Can’t thank him enough.

Took the train back to Paris on Friday night, got stuck at the station for a while waiting for a taxi (grrrr) but finally made it to the hotel to receive a free upgrade!! And people say the French aren’t nice.

Big final weekend planned!

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