Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 5 - The Trip to Vichy

Decided to make a lazy day of it after a very busy week. Got up late and had breakfast in the hotel – croissant and orange juice. Took a taxi to Gare de Lyon. Have no idea how the roads in Paris work. Everyone seems to go in every direction, especially when it comes to a ‘rond point’ or round about, and yet they manage to do it with some degree of courtesy and without killing each other. Although the amount of sirens you can hear may have something to do with that…

Gare de Lyon was a whole other story. It makes no sense to me. There are two different stations – those with numbers (yellow) and those with letters (blue). And there’s currently renovations going on so it’s a bit messy. Add some rain and a rather heavy suitcase and it made for lots of fun. Hence why I planned to arrive there two hours before my train departed.

I survived! Travelled first class, which isn’t as luxurious as it sounds. Although I didn’t see second so maybe it is. Had lunch on board – another baguette with ham and cheese. It felt similar to being back on an airplane again – lovely lady comes round with a little trolley of food. Almost reminded me of the Hogwarts Express! The views travelling across France were gorgeous. Lots of little green farms and houses with smoke rising from the chimneys.

Arrived in Vichy to be greeted by a lovely French man who forced me to talk in French the whole way to my accommodation. And by the whole way I mean 5 minutes down the road, because, as he said, Vichy is ‘un petit ville’. You can walk anywhere you need to go in under 10 minutes. It’s sweet and not only is it small in number of people, but everything seems to have been downscaled. The streets are about half the size of those back home, as are the cars. There’s no way my magna and I would survive here.

My little box of a room is very cute. I want to pack my closet and bring it home with me, its beautiful. Little kitchenette with a bar fridge, stove and microwave. All set. The bathroom is TINY and you have to manoeuvre around a lot to dry yourself if you want to keep the door closed, but the shower is big and the water is strong and hot so I’m happy.

Was making a list of groceries to buy when I realised I have been craving milk all week! I don’t remember seeing milk in Paris – they have their coffee black and I never even saw a milk shake on the menu. So number one priority – find milk. Bought a bottle, half is now gone, and I feel much better.

I’m cooking burritos tonight on my little stove. Something quick and easy with some lovely vegetables. Yes mum, vegetables. Lettuce and carrot and cucumber and capsicum. Need some colour.

Classes start tomorrow with a test in the morning. Early night for me I think.


P.S. Just met my landlady. She’s very cute, doesn’t speak much English but very friendly!

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