Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Days 7 & 8

Day 7 and 8

Wow, a lot has happened in a week.  No wonder I’m feeling quite exhausted! It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week. 8 more to go!

More classes today. Starting to feel a bit more comfortable which is nice. I’m really enjoying being immersed in the language, vocab is growing every day. I now know how to explain a murder in French. Handy, something everyone should know…

Went to the cinema last night, the university shows two free movies every week. This one was about a family, and the film was broken into each member’s experience growing up, and each started where the previous left off. It was interesting, difficult with no subtitles!

We have Wednesday afternoons off, which is nice. I was planning on exploring Vichy but it’s raining! And I pulled out my umbrella for the first time today to find it’s broken. Going to have to buy a new one!

Caught up with a few of the guys from ‘uni’ for coffee, then I finally got out for a little bit and took some photos of the town.
These are Vichy Pastilles (yup, made here) and they are sold in the confectionary shops. They're little white octagons. I'll try and bring some home with me!

Chocolate and sweets galore! There's lots of little patisseries around the place. Don't worry, I'm not eating all the cakes. Not yet.

Bienvenue à Vichy!


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