Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 18 - Lyon

A ridiculously early start this morning to take the bus to Lyon. Worth it though, got to see a beautiful sunrise over the snow, it was quite incredible. Top it off with a short stop at a bakery for fresh croissants, and an early wake up call isn’t so bad.

It turned out to be a lovely day! Still beautiful snow from the past few days but the sun shone all day which was a pleasant change. Not to say it still wasn’t freezing.

We spent the morning doing a guided tour of ‘Vieux Lyon’ (Old Lyon). Which was great, except of course the tour was in French so I only understood about half the history – what I do know: Vieux Lyon is heritage listed, with most of the buildings standing from the Renaissance era. We saw churches (you can’t NOT see churches anyway) and old houses of people I’ve never heard of but are famous in French history.

We had a great lunch at a little restaurant of the ‘new’ Lyon.  I had a Lyonnaise salade (Caesar salad, minus the parmesan) followed by some sort of fish dish (I actually don’t know what it was, we had a set menu and were told to choose ‘Poisson ou boeuf’ so I chose the fish and hoped for the best). They were both delicious! For dessert was Crème Caramel, an all time favourite of mine. Lunch conversation consisted of a hybrid of English, French and Spanish. We got there in the end.

We then had the afternoon to ourselves, so I took some time to explore the rest of Lyon and then we had coffee and cake for afternoon tea (chocolat viennois is now my new favourite drink).

Slow bus ride back home, where, I am sad to report, I had a bowl of cereal for dinner.

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