Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Days 26 - 28 & un rendez-vous avec Margaux

Sunday I spent the day inside attempting to fight off the early stages of a cold. Unfortunately, said cold has now set in, but I am attempting to beat it down with medication and the magic Vichy water.

On Monday I finally got around to doing the tour the uni runs for new students every Monday. This is my fourth week, but I’ve finally done it. We learnt all about the magic waters that power this place and is the reason Napoleon III loved it so much. It is also responsible for the spas and little pastilles that Vichy is known for.

Personally, I think it tasted like flat sparkling water, and I don’t really do sparkling water when it’s good. It was freezing last night so much of the tour is quite a blur, but we did see the war memorial and the river and some beautiful buildings.

Returned home for a VERY hot shower to return feeling to my toes and fingers and nose. I have been enjoying the ‘warm’ weather for the last week and was thoroughly unprepared for the return of the cold. There were little snow flurries today though, so hoping for more during the week!

Classes classes classes today. Oh, did I mention, there’s another Aussie. Invasion! Rumour has it there’s more as well.

I had a wonderful night tonight with one of the girls, Margaux. We had dinner in my apartment before heading out for crêpes. Except the crêpe shop was closed so we had ice cream instead. An excellent decision because the ice cream here is delicious! Very rich and full of flavour. Between us there was vanilla, chocolate, apple, strawberry and raspberry.

After the ice-cream we went to the cinema for the new (French) version of Rapunzel – Raiponce. It was a wonderful film (granted, I didn’t understand EVERYTHING) and any fairytale is more romantic in French.

Must go for now. Ice-skating tomorrow after class!


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