Saturday, December 11, 2010

Days 23 - 25


A quiet few days here in Vichy. Lots of homework to do but also lots of new friends and a little bit of shopping!

A quick recap of the end of the week - Thursday night went to a karaoke bar (didn't sing, but it may be on the cards for next week!) and had a few drinks with some locals. A cocktail costs around 4 euro, which is maybe $6. I discovered a wonderful drink with vodka and vanilla syrup and lemonade. I think it's called a Daube. It's was delicious!

Friday I had lunch with one of my fellow Aussies, Margaux. We grabbed some baguettes and salad from Brioche Doree (this is how the French do fast food - a bakery!) and I helped her with her French.

Today was Denisa's last day, so we had a wonderful afternoon shopping in Vichy, before drinks and cheese at my place followed by dinner. It was 9pm by this point so dinner quickly turned into salads and wine and desserts.

My tonsils are hurting tonight. Hoping I'm not getting sick, but I'm dosing up on the Lemsip just in case!

Bonne nuit!

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  1. It was beautiful day! Thanks, girls!! It was really nice to meet you... ;)
    Good night. Maybe sometime... somewhere...