Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 39 – A White Christmas in Vichy!

We had A LOT of snow over night, so woke up this morning to an incredibly white Christmas. So unbelievably happy, and I have had ‘I’m dreaming of a White Christmas’ in my head all day. God knows why, I got one!

No breakfast for me this morning. Too much food last night, and knew there was another feast coming for lunch today.

Margaux and Alex left for Paris today, so went to visit them this morning and say goodbye. Also got some pretty pictures of the snow.

For lunch I joined Reina’s family again (they really are such lovely people!). The children had all opened their presents early in the morning and there were toys EVERYWHERE. The little girl had received two little princess costumes and kept changing throughout the day.

Lunch started the same as dinner, with champagne and foie gras and this time smoked salmon and the rest of yesterdays seafood platter for entrée. The main meal is where it got a little bizarre.

I ate WILD BOAR today. That’s right. This is the French cultural Christmas I wanted! I believe it’s called sanglier. Not exactly a meal I would have chosen for myself, but it’s actually pretty good! Slow roasted so really soft and moist, served with gravy. For side dishes we had potato fritters and broccoli puree.

The same cheese platter followed again today, before a huge and very delicious dessert of fruit salad, chocolate mousse and assorted petits-fours, including macarons and tarte aux pommes and éclairs. So good!

Spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the children and their new toys, before returning home NOT to eat dinner.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did!


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