Saturday, December 25, 2010

Days 34 -37 (a week of food, but shhhh, it's Christmas time!)

Days 34 – 37

A quick update on the week that’s been…

So after stuffing ourselves for ‘Faux Noël’ the plan was to take it quietly on Monday. Then Margaux and Danielle made sushi and cheesecake. SO GOOD!

Tuesday was a quiet day, lunch and tea at the bakery before an afternoon of study.

Then there was Wednesday – two farewell parties for Lynn and Margaux. For Lynn we went to Olimpia, a little creperie for afternoon tea, followed by some shopping (Christmas gifts for ourselves, I think) and then dinner at Josephine’s for Margaux. They have the most incredible ice creams there, lots of different flavours and it’s all really good!

After dinner we went to a bar for cocktails (once again, alcohol is incredibly cheap!) before heading home.

Today we continued Christmas with the exchanging of our Secret Santa gifts. I got a wonderful little gift from Reina – some delicious chocolates from Jeff de Bruges and an electric blue nail polish!

Some little Buche de Noëls  and macarons for lunch (healthy I know) before starting a new class this afternoon. I love it! Lots of French grammar.

Tonight Wala took us to a Moroccan restaurant for dinner. AMAZING! I had a delicious chicken tajine with dates and walnuts. And I ate couscous and enjoyed it! It’s all about the sauce! After dinner we went with Margaux to the station to meet her boyfriend, before more cocktails. Another very fun evening in Vichy!

Talk soon!

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